Make Your Voting Plan Today!

Research shows that voters are more likely to make it the polls if they actually make a plan to vote. Download Kids Voting Durham’s Voting Plan worksheets to help you come up with the best plan for each person in your family. The plan has links to information to help you decide between options and a useful pre-voting checklist with tips on how to make the most of your vote whether you are 8 or 80!

Once all the members of your family have downloaded the plan and filled it in, encourage your friends and family to make their own voting plan! Take a picture with your plan and share it on social media #ourfamilyvotes. Help friends & family fill out their voting plans and see if they need any help — a ride to the polls, a witness signature for their absentee ballot or anything else to make it happen!


Want to see ways like this to be involved in elections as a family each week? Sign up for Kids Voting Durham’s Countdown to Elections HERE

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