If you’d like to explore voting, government and some fun on-line activities on your own, take a look at some recommended links, reading lists and other resources we think you’ll enjoy.

Kids Voting Durham
Recommended Reading List

Younger Elementary

D Is for Democracy

Elissa Grodin, Vic
Each letter from the alphabet introduces a person, place, or concept about the US and its government.
Doreen Cronin, Bet..
Duck doesn’t like having to do his chores, so he runs for president of the farm.

Election Day

Marc Tyler Noblema..

An easy to read text that describes Election Day and how people vote.

Freedom of Speech

Christin Ditchfiel…

Describes freedom of speech and how and why it is guaranteed in the US

Henry’s Freedom Box

Ellen Levine, Kadi…

The inspiring true story of Henry “Box” Brown’s escape from slavery.

If I Ran For President

Catherine Stier, L…

Children describe the election process as if they were running for President.

The Story Of Ruby Bridges

Robert Coles, Geor…

Courageous 6-year-old Ruby Bridges becomes the first and only black child to attend an all-white elementary school.


Eileen Christelow

An introduction to everything about voting.

White House Q&A

Denise Rinaldo

All about life in the White House.

What To Do About Alice?

Barbara Kerley, Ed…

Tales of President Theodore Roosevelt’s sometimes wild and unconventional daughter Alice.

Older Elementary

The Ballot Box Battle

Emily Arnold McCul…

A young girl accompanies Elizabeth Cady Stanton as the suffragist attempt to vote in 1880.

The Day Gogo Went to Vote

Eleanor Batezat Si…

Young Thembi and her great-grandmother go together to vote as black South Africans are allowed to vote for the first time in 1994.

A More Perfect Union

Betsy Maestro, Giu.
The story of the US constitution.

Grace for President

Kelly S. Dipucchio…

Grace learns that the US has never had a woman president. So she decides to run!

Henry’s Freedom Box

Ellen Levine, Kadi..

The inspiring true story of Henry “Box” Brown’s escape from slavery.

It’s Our World, Too!

Phillip M Hoose, P..
Inspiring stories of youth activism.

The Kid’s Guide to Social Action

Barbara A. Lewis

Young people, teachers, and parents can plan their course of social action and expect to see results.

Presidential Elections

Syl Sobel

Information and trivia about presidential elections.

See How They Run

Susan E. Goodman, …

This witty and anecdotal history of elections starts with the birth of democracy and takes the reader all the way to the 2008 elections.

Middle and High School

Declare Yourself

Declare Yourself

Celebrated Americans – from Adrian Grenier to Amber Tamblyn to Hayden Panettiere to Alice Walker— share their compelling perspectives on voting and civic involvement. Includes an extensive list of resources for civically active youth.

Blood Done Sign My Name

Download a high school discussion guide at the Civic Education Consortiums Civics Database

It’s Our World, Too!

Phillip M Hoose, P..
Inspiring stories of youth activism.

Nothing But The Truth


Newbery Honor Book and fiction that focuses on patriotism and free speech AND teendom.

Kids with Courage

Barbara A. Lewis

Eighteen remarkable kids speak out and take action.

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Cool Links

Official Government Sites

The White House

Office of the President

The President’s Cabinet

U.S. Senate
Youth Civic Engagement Sites

At the Table

Born Again American

What Kids Can Do

Do Something

Collaborative on Youth Organizing

National Youth Leadership Council

Youth on Board

Youth Noise and Democracy 2.0
Youth Ventures

Voting, Election and Candidate Information

Politics 1 
(NC Election Guide)

By the People

Project Vote Smart

Center for Elections and Democracy

Declare Yourself
On the Issues’s Truth-O-Meter

Race for the White House (GWU)

Constitutional Rights Foundation Lessons and Resources

Learning to Give Lesson Plans and Activities

Democracy NC Election Guide

News and Information


Herald Sun

News Observer

Bull City Rising

Independent Weekly


New York Times

Washington Post

USA Today

Christian Science Monitor

Wall Street Journal





Educator Resources

Kids Voting Curriculum

Kids Voting NCSCOS correlates

Civic Education Consortium Database of Civic Activities and Lessons

PBS By the People Lesson Plans

Time for Kids