MLK Day 2021 – Share Your Dream

(#Dreams4Durham is extended for #DPSBeyond28! Join us Wednesday, February 3 at 1 pm for a youtube live celebration kickoff Be sure to add the hastags #WeAreStillDPS and #DPSCelebrates in your post!)

Dr. Martin Luther King had big dreams and audacious beliefs. (Do you know what audacious means? It means gutsy, brave, heroic, outrageous, challenging. )

On Martin Luther King Day, we celebrate the audacity of Dr. King’s dreams and the courage & integrity he inspired in so many to work to make those dreams a reality.

Dr. King knew that engaged citizenship starts with having dream of a better community. MLK Day is a time to remember our need to continue to have audacious dreams for a better world, a better country, a better Durham and to work with others in our community to make them come true.

So, in honor of Dr. King, share your dreams, and your audacious beliefs with Kids Voting and all of Durham. Download one of these coloring sheets and draw or write your wish. Post a picture of you and your #DreamforDurham to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram tagging @KidsVotingDurham and with the hashtag #Dreams4Durham or send it to info@kidsvotingdurham. In the comments, tell us how you can work with others to make that dream come true or what you will ask our elected officials to do to bring your dream closer to reality.

Share your dream with us by February 28, 2021, and you will be entered into a drawing for a Kids Voting Durham mask!

Once you’ve sent your dream in, here are some things to talk about with your family and friends:

  • What can kids do to make your dream come true?
  • What can Durham as a community do to make your dreams come true.
  • What would you like to ask our elected officials to do to help make your dream come true? Who would you ask and what would you ask of them?

Happy Dreaming!

UPDATE: Check out this gallery of #Dreams4Durham with new dreams being added all the time! Make sure one of the dreams is yours!

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Carolyn Kreuger

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