Host a pop-up voting site for the 2019 KVD Mayor & City Council Elections

Have you wanted to take part in Kids Voting Durham elections but didn’t know how to involve your business or organization site?  Host a pop-up Kids Voting site for the 2019 City Council & Mayor Elections bring Kids Voting to your clients and customers.   Its easy and rewarding — KVD provides:

  • All voting materials — ballots, I Voted stickers, KVD Candidate Guides & other supplies — for your pop-up site.  Many materials are available in both English & Spanish.
  • Training for the individuals who will run your site.  If you need help to staff the voting booth, KVD has trained volunteers that may be able to help!
  • Promotional materials, including customizable social media and print announcements and links to your on the KVD website & other materials.
  • KVD Voting results for the Durham-wide Kids Voting elections as well as for your site voting.

You can customize your pop-up voting site to meet your needs by:

  • Choosing to vote by paper ballots or online.
  • Choosing to hold Kids Voting for your clients only or opening your site up to the public.
  • Choosing dates and times to hold your pop-up from the start of Early Voting in October through 7:30 pm on Election Day.

Want more information or to sign your group up?  Contact Carolyn Kreuger, Kids Voting Durham program coordinator, at or 919.560.7321.  Or use the contact KVD button in the right-hand column.

Kids Voting looks forward to partnering with you in Durham’s exciting 2019 Mayor and City Council Elections!

Durham Pediatrics 2018 KVD Voting site
In 2018, Durham Pediatrics became the first business site to host Kids Voting Durham Elections.  Nearly 1000 young patients voted at the waiting room stations helped by Duke Pediatrics residents and staff.  Everyone found the experience fun and memorable.!

Carolyn Kreuger

Carolyn has led Kids Voting Durham for over a decade. She loves Durham, working with youth, and local government.

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