Here are some ways to be involved in Durham’s 2019 Mayor and City council  elections as a family and raise informed, engaged voters and citizens.

Play City Government “I Spy”.

Read the “What Durham City Government Does” section of the KVD 2019 Youth Candidate Guide (www.kidsvotingdurham.org/2019-youth-candidate-guide ) and have family members “spy” when Durham City Government is part of your day.   Family members can yell “I Spy” when they are brushing their teeth or washing the dishes (the City provides water and the pipes it runs through), going to an activity (City streets, sidewalks, and bike lanes), or any of the other hundreds of ways City Government affects us.  Keep a tally of how many times City Government affects your day and discuss at dinner if it was more or less than you thought it would be.

Learn about Candidate & Elections together.

View the candidate videos or read the candidate profiles at www.kidsvotingdurham.org/meet-the-candidates and decide who you most agree with.  Use the Candidate Graphic Organizer available at www.kidsvotingdurham..org/elections to gather your thoughts.

Get out the Vote!

Did you know that only 5-15% of Durham adults usually turn out for City elections?  Make flyers about voting and post them on social media and in the community or throw your own “Family Voting Celebration” with the downloadable kit at www.kidsvotingdurham.org/parents


Decide what issues your family is passionate about, research it, and write a letter to city council asking them to take action at citycouncil@durhamnc.gov


Download worksheets, coloring pages, and other election-related items at www.kidsvotingdurham.org/parents .

Volunteer with Kids Voting and help grow Durham’s Youth Citizens!

Running a Kids Voting precinct for other youth voters is an easy and fun activity the whole family – from toddlers to teens – can do together.  Just choose an early voting site or an Election Day precinct and Kids Voting Durham will provide you with all the supplies and training to run that precinct.  Check out the Kids Voting 2019 Election Volunteers page or call 919-569-7321 for more information.

Vote together.

Make a voting plan for your whole family.  Come to an early voting site with Kids Voting so both youth and adults can vote, or have adults cast their vote and the go to a pop-up Kids Voting site.  On Election Day, adults can vote at their precinct and also take their kids to a site with Kids Voting even if it is not their polling site! (See www.kidsvotingdurham.org/elections for list of sites) Any way you do it, research shows that making voting a family affair increases children’s likelihood of growing to be engaged and informed voters in adulthood.

Carolyn Kreuger

Carolyn has led Kids Voting Durham for over a decade. She loves Durham, working with youth, and local government.

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