Over 6000 Durham K-12 Students have spoken in the 2018 Kids Voting Durham General Elections.

Students returned US House Representatives G.K. Butterfield and David Price to office, re-elected all Durham’s State House and Senate Representatives as well as elected new NC House member Zack Forde-Hawkins.  Dave Hall and Clayton Jones won their challenges for District Court Judge seats, as did the unopposed District Court candidates.  The results of the NC Amendment votes were very close, but students chose to approve the Amendment on lowering the maximum income tax rate in NC and to reject the Amendment requiring photo ID to vote.


More that ever before, the adult vote and student vote in Durham almost exactly aligned.  The one exception was in the NC Amendments where Durham voters rejected the amendment to lower the income tax rate.  Voters in NC overall approved both the income tax amendment as well as the one requiring photo ID when voting.

For more Kids Voting Durham Election Results, including for individuals schools visit kidsvotingdurham.org/elections .

Kudos to all Durham’s young voters and the educators, volunteers, and partner organizations that supported them in being involved in elections and engaged citizenship in 2018.

Carolyn Kreuger

Carolyn has led Kids Voting Durham for over a decade. She loves Durham, working with youth, and local government.

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