Durham School Board and County Commissioner Elections

This article will be updated throughout the day as we speak with more KVD youth voters about their experience and gather images from KVD voting.

Over 3000 Durham youth have cast their votes in the Durham School Board and County Commissioners elections, and they have voted Alexandra Valladares as their top choice for Durham At-Large School Board, along with Jovonia Lewis & Xavier Cason in Consolidate d A & B. Paula Januzzi-Godfrey received 31% of the youth vote and Steve Unruhe 25%

 Asked how they decided which candidate to vote for, a number of youth said that they found the candidates’ own websites and social media the most useful.  Others said they had talked with friends and family to help make their decision.  

Durham’s adult voters also elected Alexandra Valladares to the At-Large School Board seat but by a wider margin than youth giving her 60% of the vote.

2020 spring results - sb
2020 spring results -- boe & ce

In the County Commissioner primary race. those under 18 chose LeVon Barnes, an educator at DPS School for Creative Studies, as their top choice for those who should go on to the November election.  Nida Allam, Nate Baker, Matt Kopec and Wendy Jacobs rounded out the youth’s top 5 choices.  The remaining candidates were only slightly behind these with With Heidi Carter and Brenda Howerton receiving only 1% less of the votes than the 5th place candidate. 

When asked what issues influenced which candidates they voted for youth often mentioned school resources & funding, their neighborhoods, and the environment. One middle school student said he wanted candidates who care about youth like him, noted that LeVon Barnes “talked about youth issues in all his campaign materials and really seemed to know students.”

Durham’s adult voters selected an all female slate for County Commissioners:  Nimasheema Burns, Wendy Jacobs, Heidi Carter, Nida Allam, and Brenda Howerton.  These five candidates will go on to the General Election Ballot.  As only Democrats filed to run for Durham County Commission it is likely that these 5, the only on the November ballot, will be elected to Durham’s 2021-2025 Durham County Commission.



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