Help Shape Durham’s 2019 Mayor & City Council Elections

Students, many of you are not old enough to vote in the 2019 Durham Mayor & City Council Elections.  But you are old enough to make sure that adults and your peers are informed when they cast their ballot in the adult elections or Kids Voting elections by helping to create the Kids Voting Durham Youth Candidate Guide at our Saturday, May 18 and/or Friday, June 14 events.  All youth are welcome to this entirely student-led activity where you will brainstorm questions for the candidates and put together the information you think should have for our upcoming elections.


Not enough adults turn up for our local elections.  Less than 10% usually turn out to choose our Mayor and City Council — as opposed to 60-80% who cast a vote in Presidential Election years.  But the issues that youth say are most important to them – jobs, homes, equity & youth rights, education, crime & safety, parks & recreation opportunities — are decided at the local level, not by the US President or Congress.

As few adults turn up for local elections, even fewer know who the candidates are and where they stand on these important issues.  That is why the KVD Candidate Guide is not only used in schools, but by adult voters throughout Durham.  Only you can help give them more insight into how City Government impacts the issues you care about and how the people who want to be Mayor and City Council members will address them. 

Students who come to these sessions will get a sneak peek at the results to date of the KVD Youth Survey on Durham to learn more about what youth from across Durham want to say to our elected leaders.  You will also get a brief background on Durham City Government and past KVD Candidate Guides from youth leaders who have worked with KVD. So no special preparation or previous knowledge is needed!

Questions or want to let us know you are coming?  (RSVPs are not needed but help us know how much food to have!)  Call or email Carolyn Kreuger, program coordinator, at 919.560.7321 or  

We hope you will join us and help Kids Voting build better voters for this year’s election!

Shirley Garrett, Former KVD Youth Leader & 2019 Education Intern
The candidate guide prep session gave me the chance to work with other students to come up with questions we actually understand and care about to ask candidates. During the session, we learn about how to make our voices heard through participation in local government. We want to know about what the future of Durham looks like for the candidates, but we also want to know about who they are as people and what they care about!




Carolyn Kreuger

Carolyn has led Kids Voting Durham for over a decade. She loves Durham, working with youth, and local government.

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